We Follow Our Work Process

  • Step 1

    Comprehensive Company Analysis and Audit

    Our business analysts will dive deep into your company structure and business processes, to formulate a development plan that reflects the specifics of your work.

  • Step 2

    Architecture Prototyping and UX/UI Design

    While prototyping apps, we pay close attention to user experience and interaction design to ensure that your application will render perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Step 3

    Prototype Testing

    Our team performs early-stage testing of UX and UI functionality before developing the final version of the web or mobile app.

  • Step 4

    Front-End / Back-End / Mobile Development

    In web application development, we follow the latest trends and use the best technology stack to deliver top-notch custom web or mobile apps..

  • Step 5

    QA and Software Testing

    We undertake full life cycle testing that covers all stages of project development from requirements testing to web app deployment..

  • Step 6

    Deployment and Maintenance

    We guarantee painless deployment to the customer’s platform and offer further support to ensure the most efficient and smooth operation of the system.

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We Follow Our Work Process


Project requirements

You send us detail on the project and its requirements. At this stage, we analyze your business needs and existing technical concerns


Get a proposal

As a result of the R&D phase, we provide you with a complete solution picture, plan, schema and prototype. Project estimation is our main goal to complete with the phase.


Let's go

If everything is clear, transparent and we are on the same page, we discuss the payment strategy and sign the contract.

It will take



for the 1 specialist to join your team and improve your processes.



to provide you with a small team, { ≤ 5 specialists }



to provide you with a dedicated and ready to go team { > 5 specialists }.